Maxwll Photography Workshop

A full day, small group workshop/portfolio builder, dedicated to exploring light and composition within portrait photography. Includes a live shoot and editing session.  The atmosphere I want to create is relaxed and casual.  I don’t want this to feel like a lecture/classroom setting. The goal is to have each attendee leave with the feeling that they have created their best work yet.

Each attendee will have multiple opportunities to work with 2 experienced professional models (to be announced at a later date). The talent will be professionally styled and presented inside of a stunning loft location.

Whether you are looking to learn and gain experience with portrait or fashion photography, or enhance/update your current portfolio with high quality work, this is the workshop for you. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

The workshop will will take place on March 24th 2019 from 10am-6pm. It is limited to 6 people, so spots will fill up fast. The total cost is $500 with a non-refundable 50% deposit of $250 to be paid up front to reserve your spot. The remaining $250 is to be paid the morning of the workshop.

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I’m often asked “where do you find your locations?”

To be honest, this is never an easy question to answer, because I am constantly looking for locations through different platforms. Sometimes I stumble upon places while on my way to run an errand. Some places require more ground work to find, like the one we will be shooting at for the workshop.

The space we will be working in is a 1200 sq. ft. Brooklyn industrial loft, located in the center of Bushwick street art route. Open plan, high ceiling, wall to wall windows, cinematic views. Tons of natural light, and plenty of fun props to get creative with. A few Blocks from the L train Jefferson stop.


Live Shoot

The live shoot session will be on location for 4 hours. Here, I will help you understand my process of working with people and using natural light, as well the space, to create different types of portraits.  I will spend a brief moment shooting with the model and explaining certain things that I look for during a shoot, and will then allow each attendee a period of time to direct the model and let their creativity flourish.

While each attendee is shooting, I will be giving tips on the technical aspects of photography in certain situations, as well as framing/composition. For the first half of the live session, the groups will be split in half and given a designated model and space to shoot. After a specified amount of time, the groups will switch. The grand finally will be the opportunity to photograph both models in any part to the space. This will give each attendee 3 opportunities to create unique images and experiment with new techniques.

Directing with a model doesn’t come easy for some, especially if they are new to it. I’ve intentionally kept it to a small group so that throughout the day, I can work with each attendee on how to make a model comfortable, and ultimately get the most out of a portrait.

belicia compare

Editing Session

The goal of this part of the workshop is to introduce you to my workflow, and techniques I use to process my photos in order to help you craft a look of your own. This section will be held at a conference room Breather space and will be 2 hours long.

I never think of myself as a post-process guru. To be honest, I try to spend as little time editing photos as possible. Not because I’m lazy or don’t enjoy it, but because I have found over the years that “less is more” in the world of photo editing. I’ve worked too many hours on photos, and then compared them to the original afterward, only to find that I have completely sucked the life out of it with the overuse of editing techniques. I think it’s very important to capture the photo as best you can in camera, but I do recognize and support the value of crafting a style in the editing process.

We will begin with basic file organization and Lightroom catalogue structure. Next is learning the many tools within Lightroom to get the most out of a RAW image in terms of tonality and color. Finally, we will learn the basics of retouching in Photoshop, including techniques like spot heal, dodge and burn, and frequency separation.

Please bring a laptop with these applications installed. I will have 1 extra laptop to provide so please message me immediately if you do not have access to these tools.

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