Maxwll Presets Vol. 2

Maxwll Presets Vol. 2

Carefully and thoughtfully crafted Adobe Lightroom presets, designed to achieve a variety of looks and moods. This pack contains 7 Adobe Lightroom CC compatible presets; Base, Classic, Warm Contrast, Drama, Earthy, Moody, and Faded Vintage.

Read the descriptions of each preset in the description below.


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Product Description

Maxwll Presets Vol. 2


This preset is the base of majority of my work. The preset is left blank with the exception of the tone curve, and the main vibrance and saturation sliders. If I am ever building a preset from scratch, I generally start with this tone curve and slight desaturation.


My go-to preset for a long time. This preset was created with the base preset, and a series of color saturation and hue changes. It generally provides a slightly desaturated look, added contrast, and creates a more evenly exposed photo in the highlights and shadows. Great for slightly underexposed photos.


I created this preset while trying to figure out how to get a more dramatic/dark sky. Bright blue skies have never been my thing, so this preset all but eliminates the bright blues, and creates an ominous vibe when used on outdoor photos with the sky present.


My most asked about preset as of lately. I created this on accident when editing a wedding I photographed, and used my accident combined with my older presets, to make this color warping masterpiece. This preset is best used in evenly lit, outdoor images. Magic hour and blue hour are preferred.

Faded Vintage:

My least used preset, but it stands apart from the rest. This preset is great for vintage styled photoshoots. It adds a low contrast faded look, while desaturating and masking the entire photo with an almost sepia tone.


Not too far off from my classic preset, Moody lends itself to a bit more desaturation, deeper color tones, and slightly more fade in the blacks and shadows. Great for indoor softly lit photoshoots.

Warm Contrast:

This is a preset that doesn’t use my base tone curve. The driving force behind this preset is boosted contrast, and added warmth using the split tone in the shadows and highlights. It is great for outdoor and indoor, and has the ability to transform a cool flat image, into a warm image with lots of color depth.


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